Healtheon Consultancy Services offers Psychometric Assessments (also called as Assessment Instruments),which help companies in their staff assessment systems,employee benchmarking,recruiting & training needs analysis.The psychometric tests are from from U.S based Profiles International Inc  . We are Strategic Business Partners to Profiles International ,New Zealand .

The psychometric assessments can help your business in

• Understanding exactly what each position demands in the way of personal qualities.
• Precisely identifying if a candidate has those required characteristics.
• Comparing one candidate against the next to make the right choice.

Training & Development
• Determining which behaviours are essential for maximum performance in a role.
• Measurement of whether our people possess those traits or if gaps exist.
• Identifying specific forms of training which would be of most benefit for each individual.

• Assessing different styles to aid interpersonal compatibility.
• Measuring learning speed which affects information absorption rates.
Customer Service
• Assessing whether someone understands the principles involved in good customer
• Determining the correct personality fit for a job in the service industry.
• Benchmarking behaviour against industry standards.

360° Feedback
• Make your coaching more focused and effective.
• Provide appraisals that go beyond your personal perspective.
• Have your people more involved in initiating constructive changes in the workplace.

Team Building
• Isolating and identifying the cultures of existing teams and the total staff population.
• Examining whether the current styles of people, foster methods that produce high
• Identifying potential sources of conflict and roadblocks in teams.

Succession Planning
• Identifying potential and latent talent in your organisation.
• Mapping out which jobs would be most suitable for future leaders.
• Determining required characteristics for the senior positions to begin role modelling.

Staff Turnover
• Ensuring people have the right motivational fit for their roles.
• Examining whether the intellectual challenge is too much, too little or just right.
• Making sure the right amount of recognition is given to each employee.

The use of assessments has resulted in extraordinary increases in productivity while reducing employee-relations problems, employee turnover, stress, tension, conflict and overall human resources expenses.

We offer you the following tools.  

The Profile XT  is a multipurpose "Total Person" assessment used for selection,job matching,training,promotion,managing & succession planning.It measures Thinkings Style,Behavioral Traits & Occupational Interests.

Checkpoint 360 degree feedback system is an internet based process that helps managers become more effective by using feedback from full circle of peoplewith whom they interact.It also has practical suggestions for improving their job performance.

Skill Builder is an internet based,interactive,self paced,18 uint professional development prgram.Each unit pinpoints a specific leadership skill managers need to improve their performance.Using KSS method,they identify behaviora to K eep doing, S top doing & S tart doing.

The Organizational Management Analysis is a summary of data from all of the individual checkpoint 360 feedback reports from a selected group.It verifies individual alignemnet with the corporate vision,mission,purpose & strategic goals.This analysis aids in charting course to the achievement of organizational goals with purpose,clarity & certainity.

Profiles Sales Indicator is an excellent tool for identifying people who have the attributes for success in sales careers.By measuring competitiveness,energy,sales drive this assessment helps to build a more productive sales force.Use it to recruit high achievers who break goals,increase market share & drive profits higher.It is a powerful tool for building a stronger sales force.


Profiles Performance Indicator is a powerful management tool,measuring five key behavoiral factors & their impact on sven critical important aspects of buisiness success.The output report helps you understand how individuals are effectively understood,motivated,managed.


Customer Service Perspective :"Customers go where they are wanted & stay where they are appreciated"It measures eight behavioral characterstics & two proficienciesthat are key to delivering excellent customer service.This assessment also provides an easy comparison of individual's perspective & aslo defines training & orientation needs.


Team Analysis :Team building is both challenging & rewarding.Effective teams achive results far beyond what individuals could accomlpish on their own.But team building is much more than putting a group of people togther & hoping for the best.Profiles Team Analysis shows the attributes of each team member,highlights team strengths & flags potentail problemareas.It also provides the information a leader needs to successfully direct the achivement of team goals.


The assessment process is easy-questionnaire based –filled either in person or on the web.The output reports are available in few minutes. The sample reports of above can be provided on request .Just drop email to


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